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RV Roof Repair

“Out of sight, out of mind” is the problem with RV roofs. If you do not inspect your seams regularly and take care of your rig, you will end up with expensive-to-repair water damage.

Water damage lowers the value of your RV faster than you can say ‘repair,’ so it’s vital that you check your roof thoroughly every year. Even if you have just rubbed along a low hanging branch, while on your travels, get up there and ensure that no damage has been caused. The results of ignoring such occurrences can be devastating. A tree branch can easily puncture the rubber membrane of your roof.

Be very careful when you go up on your RV or trailer roof.

Are you sure it’s strong enough to support you? Is there a ladder at the back? If not, it most likely isn’t strong enough to be walked on. In such a case, find some plywood to lay on it so as to distribute your weight a little more.

Rubber roofing material is most commonly used today but fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl are also used on RV roofs. Rubber roofs are great and durable and should be cleaned at least four times a year; more depending on where you park your RV.

Never use a cleaner that contains petroleum solvents or citrus ingredients on your rubber or vinyl roof, as they will cause permanent damage to the surface. This would allow rain or melted snow to easily seep into seams and damage wall panels, ruin insulation and even rot framework. Mold likes to grow in these types of conditions, creating a risk of respiratory infections to those who stay in the RV.

Water also expands as it freezes. If water has seeped into cracks and seams, then freezes, it will cause further damage to your roof, leading to tears and even rips.

Even the most extremely water-damaged RV can be salvaged, as long as the shell is intact. So, if you have an old RV that you thought was done for, contact us at Freedom RV Inspections and Services, LLC and let us look at it and give you a quote to expand the life of your roof.

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