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How to back your Camper: The Basics

The campground you want to stay at has no more pull through sites.


You pull into Cracker Barrel for a nice lunch and someone parks in front of you.


You’re at the gas pump and can’t make the turn to pull out.

You are going to have to BACK UP!

This has been the one event that has caused more anxiety and arguments than anything else when it comes to camping. Don’t let this set the tone to your camping weekend

Backing with a trailer is a skill that requires:

  • Understanding the dynamics of backing.
  • Knowing every action has a reaction.
  • Realizing where the pivot point is.
  • Practice, practice, practice.


Freedom RV Inspections and Services offers “How to Back your Camper” sessions.

We will walk you through the dynamics of backing so you will understand what happens when you move the steering wheel.

  • How to plan your backing strategy.
  • How to use your mirrors when backing.

And we will practice, practice, and practice.

The best part, we will come to you! You will need to find a location where we can set up that gives us enough room to maneuver and set up mock backing scenarios.

I am a Class “A” CDL holder with 38 years’ experience and I was an instructor for the U.S. Army Transportation Corp where I taught backing skills amongst other topics.

The price does not include a service charge.

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