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What is an RV Inspection?

The best way to describe what an RV Inspection is, is to think of a pre-purchase home inspection. Before a loan will be made to buy a home the lender/bank requires a home inspection to determine if the home is structurally solid and meets code.

An RV Inspection is based on the same premise. You are getting ready to spend a considerable amount of money on a unit that will need to endure hurricane force winds (travelling 55-65mph) going down the road and then throw in a few earthquakes (road conditions). You want the assurance that the unit you are buying is in its best condition.


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Benefits of an RV Inspection

In the report you receive it will show the items that may need to be repaired/replaced. It will show life threatening issues and issues of concern. The inspection is so thorough it may show issues that the dealer has missed or overlooked.

With this report you will be in a position to go to the dealer and request these items to be corrected or be able to negotiate a better purchasing price. You will have documented proof of these issues by an NRVIA certified Inspector.

If you are buying a used unit from a private seller, this inspection could find hidden damage that may not be readily apparent then again saving you money down the road.

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Are there different levels of an RV Inspection?

Yes. FREEDOM RV Inspections & Services provides different levels of inspections for you to choose from.


  • Premier Level
  • Essential Level
  • Safety Issue Level

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Pickup, Set Up and Return Packages

You have taken the plunge and purchased your house on wheels. Let us help you get set up so you can get to the adventures and relaxation that awaits you!

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Services and Repairs

If it is in or on your unit, we can ensure that it runs at peak efficiency so that you don’t have to waste a minute of your trip.  

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Buyer Education

We help you to understand and enjoy your unit after the sale.  We can even help you learn to back your unit!


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Learn the Basics of Backing

Who We Are

We are Renate Long and John Harmon, and together with Christian Long, we are Freedom RV Inspections and Services, LLC.

Both Renate and I are retired military members. Renate completed 27 years with the U.S. Army and I finished with 22 years serving in the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Army. We both served two tours of duty in Iraq and/or Kuwait. After service I went into law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff in my home county.

As a co-owner and recent college graduate Christian has been serving as an apprentice with a Certified Inspector and Registered Technician. He plans to attend the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) this fall to obtain his certification as a Certified RV Technician.


We are currently enjoying our fourth RV. We have moved from small to larger travel trailers and from large to smaller fifth wheels. With each change came a period of having to learn the new RV and at times this would take away from being able to enjoy the camping experience.

We experienced a fire that damaged the RV we had at the time, beyond repair. It took eight weeks and calling several different RV repair businesses before a technician could come out to give an estimate on our rig. This incident showed us that there is a shortage and need of Technicians and Inspectors. We both came out of retirement and Freedom RV Inspections and Services began.
Renate is a Certified RV Inspector and Registered Technician. 
John is a Registered Technician with Certifications in RV Air Conditioning and RV Absorption Refrigerators.
We look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to serve you with your RV needs.

Our Mission

To offer the RV owner a team dedicated to providing a wide range of maintenance and services. Educating new RV owners about their equipment and campsite setup, while providing the seasoned owner with service options that let them have more time to enjoy their camping experiences. We also feel it is our responsibility to share our knowledge with you so you can understand how the components of your unit works, which will then make for a more enjoyable experience camping with your family. We want you to enjoy your camping experience with confidence. With that in mind, FREEDOM RV Inspections and Services offers you services from when you purchase your RV throughout your ownership. FREEDOM RV Inspections & Services offers a variety of options to choose from that will assist you in performing proper maintenance and minor repairs to your unit. Don’t wait for it to malfunction while on vacation. Check it out before you go. The cost of “doing it later” will always exceed the cost of “doing it now”.

Happy Travels!

Renate H. Long

NRVAA Accredited
NRVIA Certified Inspector
NRVTA Registered Technician

John M. Harmon III

NRVAA Accredited
NRVTA Registered Technician

Christian J. Long


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