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After Purchase Program


After Purchase Program

You’ve purchased your RV, did a 20 minute walk-through at the dealership and now have it sitting in the driveway. You go out to practice operating the unit and find that you can’t remember how to turn this on or how that operates. On-line advice columns are a great source of information but it does not have the same effect as hands on.

FREEDOM RV Inspections and Services has a program that will walk you and your partner through each component of your RV. This can be performed in the comfort of your own driveway or at your campsite on your first trip, giving you the confidence going forward towards a great camping experience. A partial list of items covered are:

  • Pre-trip inspection. What to look for.
  • Hooking up the unit.
  • Leveling the unit at the campsite.
  • Hooking up and understanding the electrical system.
  • Hooking up and understanding the fresh water system.
  • Hooking up and understanding the black/grey water system.
  • How to ignite your hot water heater.
  • Determine if your hot water heater is both gas and electric.
  • Dealing with the black tank odor.


We will cover all major appliances and equipment in your RV. We will also answer any questions that you may have, not only while we’re there but also afterwards. Upon request we can provide a step by step guide directly reflecting your unit on how to set it up.

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